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Brand New Art Released!

Posted in Current News, Paintings/Drawings with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 21, 2009 by faeriemajikk

I have released some gorgeous new art that i would love to share with you.
The first is my NFAC listing, it’s an original artwork that i would normally sell for over $100 US but, for those who would like to bid…it starts at just $0.99 OMG with NO Reserve!

This next piece of art is a beautiful mermaid i listed on etsy just last night!

I am working on some more paintings to be released soon!

#41 Sculpt – Fernon is Finished!!!

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Well i did it i have finished the Water Lily Faerie and she has just been put on for a 5 day listing on eBay

Take a look:Fernon Water Lily Faerie on Ebay NOW

I am really happy with this one and I am currently working on the Naughty Faes Base…she may be up tomorrow or next day…depending!

To see Fernon’s auction Visit here:

Thanks for taking a look!

So Many Ideas … sooo little time!

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I know…i know it really should be time that i finished my naughty fae but she is nearly done i guess i want to keep you all in suspense lol!

I am also working on #41 soooooo … she’s nearly finished, just needs wings to be inserted and all the glue on the base to dry properly.

she is a water lily faerie named Fernon and she will definitely be ready on eBay very very soon…as the glue is nearly finished i am basically just waiting on that and then i can photograph her ready for ebay auction listing…then there’s that time consuming auction listing.

So look out for Fernon the Water Lily Faerie #41 on ebay hopefully tonight!!!!

She really is pretty and i haven’t done a standing sculpt for quite some time!

I will post here when she is on eBay ready for all to see!