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SALE ENDS: April 7th 2009!!!

This is a sale on ALL originals including Original paintings,drawings and ACEOS this sale also includes artdolls, jewellery and even COMMISSIONS!!!! If it’s NOT printed it’s ON SALE!!! Please wait for a revised invoice before sending payment!!!

Go to my Etsy Store:

Just a few of the many items included in this sale!!!

The New Look of is finished!

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Well yes, I told you that i was going to completely re do my website, have it more updated with my art and voila!
Well maybe not as quick and easy as that! It took me a little while between promoting on twitter, facebook, myspace and any other places i am associated with. Plus while painting new artworks and attempting to get art and supply sales packed and sent off….phew I think i have done rather well!
Did I also mention that I am a mother of three young boys!

here is the link:
The Fantasy Art of Lindsay Cheesewright

I will be adding to some of the pages over the next few days…to give you all a little hint as to what is COMING SOON!

I am working on some more artworks to add to the sections!

Join My Google Group for updates

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I wanted to create a way to inform those interested in my art the opportunity to find out more with regards to what is happening, news, updates, art that i am and will be working on.

Fantastic giveaways and exclusive sales that will be available ONLY to those who join my Google group!

So come and join in on the fun with discussions and great giveaways!

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Visit this group

Finally back into the swing of the new year!

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I really think a big problem of mine is truly procrastination…i think i get too many ideas in my head and think about everything i should start doing and then by the end of it i am exhausted from thinking i just don’t actually DO anything.

Anyone else the same or is it just me?

This year I really hope to be a productive year, with more artworks to be done and not just thought about.

I definitely need to blog more too!

I have started a new painting in oils, it was originally going to be a monochrome water soluble pencil painting but I thought nope i really think I should get back into oils!

I hope to get this finished soon because yep you guessed it…i have another idea for an artwork.

I really do also need to work on my website such as updating it etc, hopefully the new year will inspire me to do this also.

For those who have signed up to my newsletter for december giveaway last year i will be doing another soonish, need to get more signing up to my newsletter to make it viable.

December Sale On Etsy – PEACE.LOVE.JOY!

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Each month the Australian Etsy Street Team – DUST have a themed monthly sale, the theme for December is…


you can fid all Dust sale by typing in:

Dust Team Sale in etsy search.

All items are reduced and may have other wonderful discounts etc, worth taking a peek there are lots of fantastic items!

OK so that being said i have reduced Bronte – Immortal Angel sculpt.

She was $99.00 USD but now she has been reduced by 20% fantastic eh, not to mention FREE Shipping within Australia and for those who are international? Well you only pay the price it costs to send within australia…BIG savings and posted with insurance!!!!

Here she is:

Bronte - OOAK Angel Fantasy sculpt On Sale FREE Shipping

Bronte - OOAK Angel Fantasy sculpt On Sale FREE Shipping

Take a look at her as she has a wonderous story that you simply must read!

On another note I have some new listings for you to consider…original art plus a custom listing…

Fools Gold ORIGINAL Erotic Fantasy Painting COA included

Fool's Gold ORIGINAL Erotic Fantasy Painting COA included

Sleeping Pond Faerie Original not a print

Sleeping Pond Faerie Original not a print

Custom Faerie Artwork Painting or Drawing ORIGINAL for your child  friend or yourself

Custom Faerie Artwork Painting or Drawing ORIGINAL for your child friend or yourself

SO Come on over to my ETSY store and take a look at the amazing OOAK art that I have to offer!!!!

I have just signed up on artfire!

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In addition to Etsy I have signed up on, relatively new but I thought I would give it a chance:

Click HERE for my ArtFire Store!

I have only listed a couple of items, some prints and hopefully I will add more soon.

I need to finish off some works that i have started on including my dancing faerie and two poseable sculpts, I think my problem is that I tend to get caught up in all these fantastic ideas but I do not seem to have the time to do them all!!!

I need to get motivated and stop procrastinating so much, and then again sometimes I seem to be stretching myself a little too thinly.

But I really do think that I am through with ebay, it’s just not really the place for artists I don’t think…ebay is really a place for resellers to sell and for people to shop that are looking for bargains! I get hugely disappointed with it each time i list or relist something…deep down thinking…(aren’t I worth a little more than this?)

So in saying that….If you have bought from me through ebay in the past, you will not be able to again because chances are I won’t be listing on there again…everything with be through etsy or via comissions … contact me via my website.

Well it is getting late and hopefully by tomorrow I will be a little brighter in spirit!


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Tkae a look at my items on Etsy, no bidding just buy now!!!

OOAK Sculpts:

Suu the Centaur

Bronte The Angel

Leela the Faerie

All listed and low priced!!!!

Check the link pasted at top of page!!!!