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SALE ENDS: April 7th 2009!!!

This is a sale on ALL originals including Original paintings,drawings and ACEOS this sale also includes artdolls, jewellery and even COMMISSIONS!!!! If it’s NOT printed it’s ON SALE!!! Please wait for a revised invoice before sending payment!!!

Go to my Etsy Store:

Just a few of the many items included in this sale!!!


Brand New Art Released!

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I have released some gorgeous new art that i would love to share with you.
The first is my NFAC listing, it’s an original artwork that i would normally sell for over $100 US but, for those who would like to bid…it starts at just $0.99 OMG with NO Reserve!

This next piece of art is a beautiful mermaid i listed on etsy just last night!

I am working on some more paintings to be released soon!

The New Look of is finished!

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Well yes, I told you that i was going to completely re do my website, have it more updated with my art and voila!
Well maybe not as quick and easy as that! It took me a little while between promoting on twitter, facebook, myspace and any other places i am associated with. Plus while painting new artworks and attempting to get art and supply sales packed and sent off….phew I think i have done rather well!
Did I also mention that I am a mother of three young boys!

here is the link:
The Fantasy Art of Lindsay Cheesewright

I will be adding to some of the pages over the next few days…to give you all a little hint as to what is COMING SOON!

I am working on some more artworks to add to the sections!

Sculpts and ACEOS !!!

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Well i am working on a sculpt and she has just had her final baking. I will be starting on her colour hopefully this afternoon…once she has cooled completely.

I will also be making a tutorial out of it too …

I am currently uploading my files for my new website look!!!

sign my guest book and let me know what you think.

Those who have subscribed to my OOAK Newsletter will have to do so again as I had problems with the newsletter software and everything is GONE grrrrr!

Ok also I am creating some ACEO’s or Artist trading Cards … i am getting some more done.

I have a couple on now!!! Not long to go on them

Faeriemajikk’s eBay Auctions

WIP #45 – Mermaid In A Shell – On EBAY!!!

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Ok…I have finished my mermaid sculpt…I will add a few extra embellishments before adding images of her.
But her auction has been added to ebay…I added it early as i like to have a Featured listing and eBay had 50% off featured listings so I thought i would take advantage of it.
Ok people here is the auction link:

Just remember guys…no pics yet but put her in your watch list so you will see her as soon as i upload final image of her!!!

WIP #45 – Mermaid In Shell

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Well all that really needs to be done is her hair!
I have decided on a light orange/peachy colour with deeper orange high lights it will be from Tibetan Lambs Fur.
I will add some extra embellishments to her…not too much.
Her base has been done but I will add some faux seaweed to break colour up a little.
Some orange coral branches will be added also.

WIP #45 – Mermaid In Shell

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Mermaid has been baked, her face has been painted and set and i have done her tail and am waiting for it to dry.

I am not too sure about the hair colour but that doesn’t matter yet, plenty of time for that.

I am going to start on the base…add the shell that she will be lying in…she will be permanently set into her shell but the shell will not be permanently set onto the base.

Stay tuned for a more detailed update!!!