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SALE ENDS: April 7th 2009!!!

This is a sale on ALL originals including Original paintings,drawings and ACEOS this sale also includes artdolls, jewellery and even COMMISSIONS!!!! If it’s NOT printed it’s ON SALE!!! Please wait for a revised invoice before sending payment!!!

Go to my Etsy Store:

Just a few of the many items included in this sale!!!

Brand New Art Released!

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I have released some gorgeous new art that i would love to share with you.
The first is my NFAC listing, it’s an original artwork that i would normally sell for over $100 US but, for those who would like to bid…it starts at just $0.99 OMG with NO Reserve!

This next piece of art is a beautiful mermaid i listed on etsy just last night!

I am working on some more paintings to be released soon!

What has been happening so far…

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I realised that it was definitely time for a new blog post.

At the moment I am attempting to get a couple of paintings done, one of which will be for the March NFAC – An ebay group of artists that create works based on a Monthly theme, this month is Asian Inspired. All Auctions start at a crazy $0.99 !

Don’r worry I will give you the link for it when the time comes!

Ok, next is my latest Water colour painting – Majikk on the Pond:

Once I have finished these current works I am working on I will be making another order of prints, that way I can offer my art to those who can not afford to purchase originals.

This isn’t a very big blog post, more of a quick one to let every one know what is happening.

The New Look of is finished!

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Well yes, I told you that i was going to completely re do my website, have it more updated with my art and voila!
Well maybe not as quick and easy as that! It took me a little while between promoting on twitter, facebook, myspace and any other places i am associated with. Plus while painting new artworks and attempting to get art and supply sales packed and sent off….phew I think i have done rather well!
Did I also mention that I am a mother of three young boys!

here is the link:
The Fantasy Art of Lindsay Cheesewright

I will be adding to some of the pages over the next few days…to give you all a little hint as to what is COMING SOON!

I am working on some more artworks to add to the sections!

Finally back into the swing of the new year!

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I really think a big problem of mine is truly procrastination…i think i get too many ideas in my head and think about everything i should start doing and then by the end of it i am exhausted from thinking i just don’t actually DO anything.

Anyone else the same or is it just me?

This year I really hope to be a productive year, with more artworks to be done and not just thought about.

I definitely need to blog more too!

I have started a new painting in oils, it was originally going to be a monochrome water soluble pencil painting but I thought nope i really think I should get back into oils!

I hope to get this finished soon because yep you guessed it…i have another idea for an artwork.

I really do also need to work on my website such as updating it etc, hopefully the new year will inspire me to do this also.

For those who have signed up to my newsletter for december giveaway last year i will be doing another soonish, need to get more signing up to my newsletter to make it viable.

Fantasy Artists & Collectors Forum Join Now

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I have found myself frustrated trying to find forums dedicated to Fantasy Art t6hat is for artists and collectors so I started one myself…please come and join if you are a fantasy artist or you collect fantasy art (or just love it!)

I am a member of the fantasy art etsy street team but have found that it does not seem to be active, so if you are are fantasy artist and also sell on etsy i would love to see you on the forum.

The new forum is not affiliated with etsy or FAE (fantasy artists of etsy)

It’s just a place for fantasy artists to come and chat, artists on etsy,ebay or where ever!


Come and join and spread the word!!!

BIG NEWS – is getting a makeover (again)

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Ok…Well if you frequent my site you will noticed that it has had some changes over the past year or so, I have never really been happy with the layout that I have had in the past…I am working on a really nice one now.

I wanted it to suit my new business card design.

along with a new layout I will be adding a couple of new  features including … WAIT FOR IT a new Sub-Domain; Friends Of FaerieMajikk BETA It’s not up yet but  It will basically be for other OOAK Artists to have their own gallery page on my site, a way to help them spread the work of their art to potential customers.

FOFM Beta will be launched when the new layout for my site is.

In the meantime you can contact me to find out more.