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Etsy Seller Spotlight – Red Suede Kitten

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I have not had a chance to do a review of an Etsy shop for ages and really want to do them regularly so I think that I may just have Mondays as my Etsy Seller Spotlight.

Ok this seller that i have chosen is RED SUEDE KITTEN and the Artist behind the creations is Melita, she is a talented Australian that creates the most amazing Felted creations:

Felt Cloud Brooch / Pin - Butter Berries

Felt Cloud Brooch / Pin - Butter Berries

The image above is just amazing and my favourite piece out of her Felt Cloud Brooches, it’s so vibrant and intense in colour, just beautiful!!

A little about how it’s made:

“To make a Felt Cloud, I first create hand rolled pieces of sushi felt, using the wet felting technique. These pieces are then joined together and are backed with felt sheet. Metal findings are used to complete the pieces. Each piece is lovingly and carefully constructed.”

Buckle Bug Brooches

Buckle Bug Brooches

You have seriously got to see these Bug Brooches…they are so adorable aren’t they??

I just think they are the cutest thing!

Asymmetrical Felted Yarn Ball Necklace - purple, lavender, burgundy

Asymmetrical Felted Yarn Ball Necklace - purple, lavender, burgundy

This necklace is unusual and the colours are gorgeous and very earthy…i love this one!

What Melita says about this piece:

“An environmentally friendly piece that uses up materials that would otherwise be unused or go to waste!”

In a world where everything is disposable this is a wonderful and truly amazing thing she is doing.

There seems to be a lot of waste now a days and if someone like Melita can create truly amazing and unusual pieces of Art from something that would be discarded without another thought…well to me that is just Fantastic.

So go and take a peek at Melita’s work:

Red Suede Kitten