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Gothic Fantasy Painting – WIP – Just Add Colour!

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Well here I am again with the next installment of my current WIP, yet I am now adding colour to in in oils…oh how I adore the scent of oil paints, that in itself helps me get into the arty mood.

Ok so here we are with a close up of the first stage/s of the colours.

Here i am blocking in basic colour and tones

Here i am blocking in basic colour and tones

I am next going to pay a little more attention to the background, that way I can just go full steam ahead with the fore-ground, making sure i have the right colour in there.

Check back soon…I will be adding to this as i go.

I have just signed up on artfire!

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In addition to Etsy I have signed up on, relatively new but I thought I would give it a chance:

Click HERE for my ArtFire Store!

I have only listed a couple of items, some prints and hopefully I will add more soon.

I need to finish off some works that i have started on including my dancing faerie and two poseable sculpts, I think my problem is that I tend to get caught up in all these fantastic ideas but I do not seem to have the time to do them all!!!

I need to get motivated and stop procrastinating so much, and then again sometimes I seem to be stretching myself a little too thinly.

But I really do think that I am through with ebay, it’s just not really the place for artists I don’t think…ebay is really a place for resellers to sell and for people to shop that are looking for bargains! I get hugely disappointed with it each time i list or relist something…deep down thinking…(aren’t I worth a little more than this?)

So in saying that….If you have bought from me through ebay in the past, you will not be able to again because chances are I won’t be listing on there again…everything with be through etsy or via comissions … contact me via my website.

Well it is getting late and hopefully by tomorrow I will be a little brighter in spirit!

Upcoming items to be added to ETSY!!!

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I have been working through some ideas of what I will be doing to add to my etsy store.

So far I have decided that I do need to add some items to my store for children…I think I am neglecting the most important people that truly enjoy fantasy and especially faeries!

Some ideas that are in the works are:

Paintings and drawings for little girls rooms

OOAK Sculpted faeries…these will be done in polymer clay but they will be faeries that will be hung from the ceiling…allowing little girls to have a little faerie in her bedroom while parents wont have to worry about them being played with and broken. I am excited with this idea!!!

Fold out name books…lovely fold out books with child’s name in it…able to expand it and hang on the wall or bedroom door…letters will be handpainted and decorated with faeries etc.  Obviously I will be doing boys themed ones too with dragons etc! These will be done on a per order basis…as I can’t very well hope to have every name done before hand…that would just be silly!

bookmarks…I hope to start with a mother and daughter set…2 book marks that when put together show a lovely image…you will have to wait for more details on this one!!!

OK so what do you think?

There are so many other ideas I have for little girls especially but I think that i will start with the ideas I have already!!!

Any comments or suggestions you have would be fantastic!!!!

My Etsy Store

WIP – Dancing Faerie

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Well in my last post i did mention a new work in progress…have a look here:

She is coming along wonderfully…I am taking my time with this one…just to really appreciate what I am doing.

This fae will be dancing in the spring rain…As we are into spring here in Australia I thought I would use this season as inspiration.

She will be standing on a wooden candlestick, I am very excited about this sculpt…she is looking wonderful.

Please book mark my site so you can watch as she progresses along.

Also signup for my newsletter/mailing list to be notified when she and others will be available on auction!’s New Look and New WIP

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Well it’s done…the new look of my website FaerieMajikk’s OOAK Creations a few minor tweeks to be done.

But essentially it’s all looking pretty good.

I have also got a Work In Progress under way, I am just doing a few adjustments before the new pics will be added.

This is not a tutorial but it may help new ooak sculptors!!

WIP #46 – Envy Update

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well she has been baked…I am now about to start onher elaborate head dress.

Once that Is done I will start on her blushing…adding colour to her.

she is really lovely even without the colours or hair etc.

Stay tuned!

WIP #46 – Envy

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I am still working on Envy…she is almost ready for baking…I thought that i would try something different…I sculpted and baked her head and have attached it to unbaked body…much easier to add without squishing her head which took me about three tries at sculpting!!!

Here’s a pic so far:

I haven’t sculpted her ears as she won’t actually have any…she will be having an ornate headdress…using the “Green-eyed monster”idea …the head dress will have a reptilian based head…hard to explain but…you will see what i mean soon.