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SALE ENDS: April 7th 2009!!!

This is a sale on ALL originals including Original paintings,drawings and ACEOS this sale also includes artdolls, jewellery and even COMMISSIONS!!!! If it’s NOT printed it’s ON SALE!!! Please wait for a revised invoice before sending payment!!!

Go to my Etsy Store:

Just a few of the many items included in this sale!!!

New Work, News and Updates

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I had not realised how long it had been since i last blogged, you all have some catching up to do!

Firstly I am re doing my website…yes ‘again’ mainly because I need to have it completely updated, you may have noticed that I have not been creating as many sculpts of late, I have not stopped creating them, just simply put them on the back-burner for a little while.

This is the reason for my need to completely redo my website.

I need to do it so that I can include my artworks etc.

Ok so the next thing is NEW WORK…let’s see, possibly my fave one that I have done recently is my Wood land spirit painting, it is a SFA (Small Format Art)

Woodland Spirit Original SFA on Etsy

Woodland Spirit Original SFA on Etsy

Plus one that is a celebration of Motherhood, something that is so precious and beautiful:

The Queen and her Heir Original SFA on Etsy

And something before the baby:

A Faerie Miracle Original SFA on ETSY

A Faerie Miracle Original SFA on ETSY

Natalia the Dancing Water Faerie Sculpt – Now on Ebay

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Well I told myself that I wasn’t going to use ebay anymore but I just wanted to share Natalia to everyone, she is a beautiful faerie sculpt you must see:

Natalia OOAK Sculpt - Now on EBAY

Natalia OOAK Sculpt - Now on EBAY

She is listed at Auction, so come and check her out and put a bid in for this gorgeous creature.


Problems With My Connection…Be Patient!!

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Currently I am using the internet at my parens place…for hoe who have purchased from my store or ozion in he last week or so…there is a eay as i can only access certain sites on my mobile.

Don’t stress out as I have all orders that have been ordered up to today and they ill be sent ASAP.

I will soon find out if it’s my modem or phone line fault…bear with me please.

Next few days…but on the plus side i have been sculpting a…CENTAUR so watch out for her!!!

# 44 – Mortal Angel

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Well she is finished…still needs her wings to be touched up a little with paint. Candle bases have been done and glued to the base.

I just need to paint up the base, add some faux foliage and flames for the candles.

I may just add some drapery to her for a difference in texture, I will see how it goes.

Wicky on eBay Now!

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As promised…the link to Wicky’s Auction:

New pics will be added as her base and wings are completed.

WIP ~ #40 & #41 More Faeries

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Well I am still working on my Naughty Faerie, she needs a little more colour added to her black corsette…took a while for the bases I ordered to arrive so now that they’re here i can start on her mushroom base for her to sit on!

This is sculpt no. 40 and i have also been creating another sculpt #41, she has had her first baking and i am adding her hands ready for the final bake tonight or tomorrow.

this one will be a standing faerie, on a lovely base with a water lily and lily pad.

To fit in with the theme she will have dragon fly wings and I have dyed an unusual green tibetan fur i will use…a very pale moss green. Very subdued and pretty.

I also have a fantastic idea for #42…this one is going to be very romantic and will have a wonderful story to go with it .

I will be starting this next sculpt over the weekend and I can not wait as I have been planning it for months!!!