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Newest Painting – Gothikka has now been added to Ebay

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For those who loved my oil painting:

Gothikka – Bitten By Moonlight will be delighted to find out that she is now on Ebay, bid one her for your chance to own an absalutely gorgeous original piece of art.

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, yep, i am offering free shipping worldwide!

Gothikka – Bitten By Moonlight – BID NOW

If you need additional information on this please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Natalia the Dancing Water Faerie Sculpt – Now on Ebay

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Well I told myself that I wasn’t going to use ebay anymore but I just wanted to share Natalia to everyone, she is a beautiful faerie sculpt you must see:

Natalia OOAK Sculpt - Now on EBAY

Natalia OOAK Sculpt - Now on EBAY

She is listed at Auction, so come and check her out and put a bid in for this gorgeous creature.


Gothic Fantasy Painting – WIP – Just Add Colour!

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Well here I am again with the next installment of my current WIP, yet I am now adding colour to in in oils…oh how I adore the scent of oil paints, that in itself helps me get into the arty mood.

Ok so here we are with a close up of the first stage/s of the colours.

Here i am blocking in basic colour and tones

Here i am blocking in basic colour and tones

I am next going to pay a little more attention to the background, that way I can just go full steam ahead with the fore-ground, making sure i have the right colour in there.

Check back soon…I will be adding to this as i go.

New Gothic Oil Painting Work In Progress

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Ok, so my newest WIP is a gothic style painting done in oils. i was originally going to do this in water soluble pencils with just black and white colours, but seeing as i haven’t done anything in oils for quite some time i thought hey why not!

Ok below is a close up of the pic before i started adding in colour, so i suppose one good this is it helps with tonal value:

The first stage of this painting

The first stage of this painting

The image is linked to my Squidoo Lens so take a look at more pics, bookmark it because i will be adding more to it, hopefully today.

Finally back into the swing of the new year!

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I really think a big problem of mine is truly procrastination…i think i get too many ideas in my head and think about everything i should start doing and then by the end of it i am exhausted from thinking i just don’t actually DO anything.

Anyone else the same or is it just me?

This year I really hope to be a productive year, with more artworks to be done and not just thought about.

I definitely need to blog more too!

I have started a new painting in oils, it was originally going to be a monochrome water soluble pencil painting but I thought nope i really think I should get back into oils!

I hope to get this finished soon because yep you guessed it…i have another idea for an artwork.

I really do also need to work on my website such as updating it etc, hopefully the new year will inspire me to do this also.

For those who have signed up to my newsletter for december giveaway last year i will be doing another soonish, need to get more signing up to my newsletter to make it viable.