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Fantasy Artists & Collectors Forum Join Now

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I have found myself frustrated trying to find forums dedicated to Fantasy Art t6hat is for artists and collectors so I started one myself…please come and join if you are a fantasy artist or you collect fantasy art (or just love it!)

I am a member of the fantasy art etsy street team but have found that it does not seem to be active, so if you are are fantasy artist and also sell on etsy i would love to see you on the forum.

The new forum is not affiliated with etsy or FAE (fantasy artists of etsy)

It’s just a place for fantasy artists to come and chat, artists on etsy,ebay or where ever!


Come and join and spread the word!!!

Nerys Purchon’s Bazaar

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Nerys Purchon is an Australian seller on etsy, if you have never seen her etsy store Nerys Purchon’s Bazaar well then you are certainly missing out.

Nerys sells some wonderful items that would make fabulous gifts for that special someone or for yourself.

This is one of her creations, AUTUMN BAG

Nerys’ bags are not just simply bags to cart around all of your unmentionables, these bags are absalutely amazing.

This Autumn bag is a freeform bag and what does Nerys say about these…

“Freeform bags take up to a month to make so some patience is needed but at the end of that time you will own a bag that is totally unique.”

The freeform bags are not just bags, they are works of Art, please click on the picture to take a closer look, so much attention is applied, not just in the way they are made but how she adds her own special touch.

And now for a brighter, spring bag.

This one is my favourite!


This bag has been needle felted, It looks absalutely gorgeous, green is certainly a fave colour of mine, I just love the design and the shape of this fancy little creation.

This bag is knitted from 100% Jo Sharp Chartreuse pure wool and then felted. It is embellished with wild needle felted flowers. It will last for many, many years as the felting process makes a very strong, hardwearing fabric”

Nerys not only adds an organza bag filled with lavender and herbs into each bag but she also Scotch Guards her bags! Now if you go to buy a lounge suite they don’t even do that for you…wow!

Well i am sure you have all been amazed by these gorgeous bags but I am not finished because not only does Nerys create gorgeous bags but she is also an expert with herbs and essential oils with forty years experience:

“I have been working with essential oils for forty years—I’ve written several books about them and used these miraculous essences in countless ways. Their power and versatility never cease to amaze me and I’m sure that you will benefit from their use.”

Because Nerys has so much experience working with essential oils you can be sure that you will get as much information about these wonderful oils she has.

Pictured is a set of three oils, she also sells them individually.

If you would like to know more about essential oils then why not get yourself an E-Book?

” As far as possible, many of us prefer to take charge of our own health and the health of our family.
Good health is often a question of prevention of ill health by adopting a healthy lifestyle, but accidents happen, stress happens and then we succumb. ”

I urge you to take a look at Nerys Purchon’s Etsy store, there is something there sure to delight, for those who love art that is also functional, beautiful scents or would like to try using herbs in everyday life for themselves this is the store for you.

December Sale On Etsy – PEACE.LOVE.JOY!

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Each month the Australian Etsy Street Team – DUST have a themed monthly sale, the theme for December is…


you can fid all Dust sale by typing in:

Dust Team Sale in etsy search.

All items are reduced and may have other wonderful discounts etc, worth taking a peek there are lots of fantastic items!

OK so that being said i have reduced Bronte – Immortal Angel sculpt.

She was $99.00 USD but now she has been reduced by 20% fantastic eh, not to mention FREE Shipping within Australia and for those who are international? Well you only pay the price it costs to send within australia…BIG savings and posted with insurance!!!!

Here she is:

Bronte - OOAK Angel Fantasy sculpt On Sale FREE Shipping

Bronte - OOAK Angel Fantasy sculpt On Sale FREE Shipping

Take a look at her as she has a wonderous story that you simply must read!

On another note I have some new listings for you to consider…original art plus a custom listing…

Fools Gold ORIGINAL Erotic Fantasy Painting COA included

Fool's Gold ORIGINAL Erotic Fantasy Painting COA included

Sleeping Pond Faerie Original not a print

Sleeping Pond Faerie Original not a print

Custom Faerie Artwork Painting or Drawing ORIGINAL for your child  friend or yourself

Custom Faerie Artwork Painting or Drawing ORIGINAL for your child friend or yourself

SO Come on over to my ETSY store and take a look at the amazing OOAK art that I have to offer!!!!