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Well it’s done…the new look of my website FaerieMajikk’s OOAK Creations a few minor tweeks to be done.

But essentially it’s all looking pretty good.

I have also got a Work In Progress under way, I am just doing a few adjustments before the new pics will be added.

This is not a tutorial but it may help new ooak sculptors!!

Sculpts and ACEOS !!!

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Well i am working on a sculpt and she has just had her final baking. I will be starting on her colour hopefully this afternoon…once she has cooled completely.

I will also be making a tutorial out of it too …

I am currently uploading my files for my new website look!!!

sign my guest book and let me know what you think.

Those who have subscribed to my OOAK Newsletter will have to do so again as I had problems with the newsletter software and everything is GONE grrrrr!

Ok also I am creating some ACEO’s or Artist trading Cards … i am getting some more done.

I have a couple on now!!! Not long to go on them

Faeriemajikk’s eBay Auctions

FaerieMajikk is BACK!!! With new sculpt on eBay!!!

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Well finally…i am back…and with a new sculpt on ebay!!! yay

Yep my lovely and very pretty centaur is finished…here’s her link:

I am working on another sculpt and hope to get this one up end of next week!