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Problems With My Connection…Be Patient!!

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Currently I am using the internet at my parens place…for hoe who have purchased from my store or ozion in he last week or so…there is a eay as i can only access certain sites on my mobile.

Don’t stress out as I have all orders that have been ordered up to today and they ill be sent ASAP.

I will soon find out if it’s my modem or phone line fault…bear with me please.

Next few days…but on the plus side i have been sculpting a…CENTAUR so watch out for her!!!

BIG NEWS – is getting a makeover (again)

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Ok…Well if you frequent my site you will noticed that it has had some changes over the past year or so, I have never really been happy with the layout that I have had in the past…I am working on a really nice one now.

I wanted it to suit my new business card design.

along with a new layout I will be adding a couple of new  features including … WAIT FOR IT a new Sub-Domain; Friends Of FaerieMajikk BETA It’s not up yet but  It will basically be for other OOAK Artists to have their own gallery page on my site, a way to help them spread the work of their art to potential customers.

FOFM Beta will be launched when the new layout for my site is.

In the meantime you can contact me to find out more.

Angelina (Textiva) Fusible Film In Store NOW !!!!!

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Long time coming…lol

ALL 19 colours of the Angelina fusible Film is in my webstore ready for purchasing!!!! YAY.

I would get in quick as they will go quickly!!!

just wander off to my site: FaerieMajikk’s OOAK Supplies

#44 – Bronte ‘Mortal Angel’ AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE!!!

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I had Bronte on Ebay and Oztion once and before I relist her I am giving Collectors the opportunity to purchase her as a BUY IT NOW with no bidding!

View Bronte on Found Myself

Found Myself is a website to bring Artists and Art Collectors together, it is a great site and you can purchase art right from the site.

FREE SHIPPING on the purchase of Bronte WORLDWIDE!!!

She is the only sculpt I have as all other listed sculpts have been sold.

WIP #46 – Envy Update

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well she has been baked…I am now about to start onher elaborate head dress.

Once that Is done I will start on her blushing…adding colour to her.

she is really lovely even without the colours or hair etc.

Stay tuned!

Free Web Layouts In Store!!!

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Well, I have been creating some Website layouts and added them to my store:


Go to the FREEBIES section … At the moment there are 2 faerie layouts…more will be added including Auction Templates.

You will need to register in my store to be able to download any templates.

If you would like to request a layout just email me

Please note … any requested layouts will be added to my freebies section…if you want to have a layout made JUST FOR YOU and NO ONE ELSE then you will need to pay for it.

WIP #46 – Envy

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I am still working on Envy…she is almost ready for baking…I thought that i would try something different…I sculpted and baked her head and have attached it to unbaked body…much easier to add without squishing her head which took me about three tries at sculpting!!!

Here’s a pic so far:

I haven’t sculpted her ears as she won’t actually have any…she will be having an ornate headdress…using the “Green-eyed monster”idea …the head dress will have a reptilian based head…hard to explain but…you will see what i mean soon.