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#41 Sculpt – Fernon is Finished!!!

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Well i did it i have finished the Water Lily Faerie and she has just been put on for a 5 day listing on eBay

Take a look:Fernon Water Lily Faerie on Ebay NOW

I am really happy with this one and I am currently working on the Naughty Faes Base…she may be up tomorrow or next day…depending!

To see Fernon’s auction Visit here:

Thanks for taking a look!

So Many Ideas … sooo little time!

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I know…i know it really should be time that i finished my naughty fae but she is nearly done i guess i want to keep you all in suspense lol!

I am also working on #41 soooooo … she’s nearly finished, just needs wings to be inserted and all the glue on the base to dry properly.

she is a water lily faerie named Fernon and she will definitely be ready on eBay very very soon…as the glue is nearly finished i am basically just waiting on that and then i can photograph her ready for ebay auction listing…then there’s that time consuming auction listing.

So look out for Fernon the Water Lily Faerie #41 on ebay hopefully tonight!!!!

She really is pretty and i haven’t done a standing sculpt for quite some time!

I will post here when she is on eBay ready for all to see!

WIP ~ #40 & #41 More Faeries

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Well I am still working on my Naughty Faerie, she needs a little more colour added to her black corsette…took a while for the bases I ordered to arrive so now that they’re here i can start on her mushroom base for her to sit on!

This is sculpt no. 40 and i have also been creating another sculpt #41, she has had her first baking and i am adding her hands ready for the final bake tonight or tomorrow.

this one will be a standing faerie, on a lovely base with a water lily and lily pad.

To fit in with the theme she will have dragon fly wings and I have dyed an unusual green tibetan fur i will use…a very pale moss green. Very subdued and pretty.

I also have a fantastic idea for #42…this one is going to be very romantic and will have a wonderful story to go with it .

I will be starting this next sculpt over the weekend and I can not wait as I have been planning it for months!!!

Current WIP For June

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I am currently working on a Naughty Faerie sculpt…to be sitting on a mushroom!

I was inspired by my Nieces platform shoes LOL yes i am basing an entire sculpt on a pair of shoes!!!

She will be dressed in long striped socks…colours will be black and lilac, she is going to have black spikey viscose hair…kind of like Natalie Imbruglia style hair!

I am thinking that she will be holding something…she is baked and i am just adding her colouring…then set her paint and will add her shoes using Aves clay for strength.

Stay tuned…she should be on eBay by the end of the week!!!!